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Can Security Screens or Shutters Save Me Money?

Something you may not have thought to put on the list of what to look for is how they can reduce your household energy bills. This is definitely worth factoring when you’re considering the cost of securing your home as what seems like a one-off upfront cost, could actually start paying for itself over the years.

Crimsafe Screens, for example, can reduce your windows solar heat gain by up to 53% which means less energy used by your air conditioner and can improve your homes energy star rating.

Another money saving tip is to check with your home insurance provider about what impact it could have on your policy. Just like keeping your car in a secure garage can save you money on your car insurance, some insurance companies may consider the extra protection you’ve thought to add to your property when reviewing your policy.

Other Benefits of Securing Your Home

Do you live on a noisy road? Security shutters can reduce noise, while still providing the airflow you need to keep your home comfortable. They can also protect your furniture and carpets from sun damage which can help you replace these items only when you’ve decided you want a change, and not because they’re looking shabby or tired.

Security Screens Vs. Security Shutters – which should you choose?

Well, the beauty is you don’t have to choose. You may decide you want to mix and match between them, or pick one type for all your doors and windows.

Security Shutters are a very visible deterrent, you could liken them to steel bars on windows as far putting potential intruders off. However, even if you didn’t mind your house looking like a dungeon, steel bar on windows can be a serious hazard. Just as they stop people coming in, they could stop you getting out in a fire or some other serious situation.

Don’t turn your home into a dungeon, or a security hazard like this!

The shutters we love, Ozroll, can be controlled either manually or electronically from within your home so they’re incredibly simple for the whole family to operate.

*On that note, if you live in an area that can be affected by the extreme weather in our country, Ozroll have a product for added safety against bushfures called Fire Shutters.

Security Screens are also a visible deterrent from intruders though – especially our preferred brand, Crimsafe. There’s not many people in this country that haven’t seen them in action on the TV and just recognising a Crimsafe screen is enough to put any would-be burglars off.

The beauty of crimsafe is that it can also protect you from bugs and mosquitoes without having to keep your blinds or shutters down. Crimsafe screens provide unhindered views when looking out into your garden or patio. So while the summer breeze and the views they provide may make you feel like you’re outdoors, the safe barrier between your family and possible intruders (including mosquitoes!) can keep you protected.

If you’re still not sure what will work best for your home, get in touch with the team here or give us a call at your local Cullen’s Blinds showroom so we can help you out. We have offices / showrooms on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Newcastle.

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