Roman Blinds

When you are looking to decorate your home or office with that clean, contemporary look, Roman Blinds are a great option for your window coverings. When lowered, the window is completely blocked by a single sheet of fabric, giving complete privacy. However, the unique feature of Roman Blinds is that instead of rolling up when raised, they stack up to form clean, neat pleats or panels.

The pleat effect itself can be either a soft layered pleat/fold, or a flat panel effect, depending on the materials used – the fact that Roman Blinds can be made of fabric means there is a great range of colours and textures to match any decor. A recent innovation is the use of coloured aluminium battens to enhance their appearance. Most Roman blinds are operated by a cord mechanism, which raises or lowers the blind to the desired level.

Why should I choose Roman Blinds?

  • Roman blinds add a distinctive, contemporary look to your home or office
  • Highly effective at keeping the heat in/out of your environment
  • Single sheet of window covering provides complete privacy, with a modern minimal look
  • Large range of colours and styles to choose from

As with all of our blinds, our Roman Blinds are locally manufactured on the Gold Coast.