13 Reasons to Install Window Shutters at Home

Window shutters are stylish, energy-efficient and easy to use, so it’s fair to say that we’re a pretty
big fan. And, since we have over twenty years of experience both manufacturing and installing them
for homes and businesses in Perth, we’ve found that our awesome customers are the only people
who like them more.

Are you considering getting window shutters for your business or home? We’ve spoken to our
customers and discovered the top reasons why they like them so much.

1. Increased Security

Traditionally, windows are a building’s weak point and because of this, they’re a common choice of
entry for thieves and others up to no good. Installing window shutters drastically increases the
property’s security, turning your windows into a deterrent instead. The time it’ll take, plus the
amount of noise that it will make to cut through a window shutter is too much of a risk for any
burglar to take; most will move on to an easier target.

2. More Privacy

Are you tired of others being able to see inside your home? With window shutters, you’ll have
complete control over your property’s privacy. Whether it’s during the day or night, you’re able to
shut out any unwanted attention from passers-by or nosy neighbours. And unlike curtains, there’s
no possibility of leaving a gap that others can see through.

3. Better Heating and Cooling for Your Home

Do you always have the heating in your home turned up high in the winter, and the air-con on full
blast during the summer? Windows are responsible for around 20-30% of heat loss, so installing
window shutters will slow down the movement of heat inside your home to the outside and vice
versa, since they provide an extra protective barrier in addition to your double glazing. Window
shutters can reduce heat loss by up to 51%.

4. Save Money

By keeping your home warmer or cooler for longer, installing window shutters has a positive knock-
on effect on your energy bills, allowing you to save an additional $25 a year on average. Thanks to
the shutters, you’ll spend less time running your air-con or heating systems, whilst still keeping your
home at the optimum temperature for the season. Not only will you save money on your energy bills
as a result, but it’s also much kinder for the environment.

5. Reduce External Noise

Do you live on a road where there’s busy traffic in the morning, or do crowds of young people tend
to gather on your street? Perhaps your business is located in a busy area and the noise has an
adverse effect on the office. Installing window shutters has been proven to help reduce the level of

noise entering your property from the outside, helping you to avoid disturbances in the morning or
create a better environment in which to work.

6. Block Out Light

Everyone loves a stunning Australian summer, but the bright sun isn’t always welcome. Whether you
need the room to be darkened for an important presentation, a family movie night, or trying to get
to sleep before working at night or in the early morning, window shutters will provide you with the
perfect solution. When you have shutters installed, you can block out all light from your home or
business, only letting it shine in when you want it to. It’s a solution that offers complete control over
your environment.

7. Easy to Use

Using modern window shutters has never been easier. We found that most of our customers prefer
powered shutters, which can be easily operated with the touch of a button. And, for even more
convenience, there are remote options that allow you to control your shutters without even leaving
your seat or bed. Motor-driven shutters are perfect for the elderly, disabled, or anybody who wants
a more convenient solution.

8. Durable

High-quality shutters manufactured in Australia are designed to last for years. And, we include a ten-
year guarantee on all the electrical components, paintwork, and frame of every shutter that we
install for our customers. In the unlikely event of something going wrong, we have you covered!

9. They Fit Any Window

Worried that window shutters won’t be an option for your non-standard windows? Don’t! We can
design shutters to fit any window. We’ll take measurements and put together a design, before finally
fitting custom shutters to any size or shape of window in your home. So, any home or business can
enjoy all the benefits of having window shutters installed.

10. They’re Safe for Kids and Pets

Unlike traditional blinds which can become a health and safety hazard for pets and small children,
window shutters are cordless, making them a much safer option. Plus, they’re far more durable and
able to withstand being regularly played with by a little one or scratched by a cat.

11. Great for Sliding or French Doors

It can be difficult to choose window covers and treatments for patio doors, but shutters offer
multiple options for adding security and privacy, whether your doors open inwards, outwards, or
slide. You can choose shutters that fold like a fan when opened or slide past each other so that you
can enjoy a full view out of the door.

12. Protect You and Your Home from the Sun

It’s not just humans that are at risk from the sun’s harmful UV rays – your furniture and fixing can
suffer as well. Shutters will protect everything in your home from the sun, preventing furniture,
flooring and artwork from fading.

13. Increase Your Property Value

With so many amazing benefits of window shutters for your home or business, it’s no surprise that
they are becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst both homeowners and entrepreneurs.
And, if you ever plan to sell your home or business property in the future, the addition of window
shutters can be a great selling point.

In fact, having shutters installed can add a lot of value to the
property as the buyer can enjoy all the added security, privacy and environmental benefits.

How do you think window shutters will benefit you and your home the most? We’d love to hear
from you in the comments.

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