Unrivalled protection with Crimsafe iQ

Crimsafe iQ delivers unrivalled protection secured by Australia’s strongest, smartest, most technologically advanced mesh security screen door.

As Australia’s strongest, smartest, most technologically advanced mesh security screen door, Crimsafe iQ delivers unrivalled protection for your family, home or business. Years of research and development has culminated in a security screen door that has passed the toughest, most rigorous burglar-resistance test in the world – the RC2 Test; a test far more stringent than Australian Standards. In fact, Crimsafe iQ is now officially the strongest stainless steel security screen door in Australia.

Crimsafe iQ is reinforced with more locking points than other Crimsafe security screen doors and features anti-crowbar heavy-duty hinges, anti-lift pins and a wider, stronger frame. With the choice of a mechanical (iQ-m) or electronic (iQ-e) locking options, Crimsafe iQ provides maximum security, convenience and flexibility. The iQ-m door features five individual lock modules, providing ten-point locking and a mechanical lock. The iQ-e door features three lock modules, providing six-point locking system and electronic access options including keypad, Bluetooth and key fob.

How strong is Crimsafe iQ?

Crimsafe iQ has been designed and proven, to withstand the highest levels of impact inflicted during the rigorous RC2 test – the toughest burglar-resistance test in the world. Crimsafe iQ is the strongest home stainless steel security screen door in Australia and is up to 7 times stronger than the Australian Standard.

In independent testing by The University of Queensland, Crimsafe iQ stood up not just against the Australian Standard, but also against a singular impact level of up to 750 Joules, and has passed or exceeded all other testings as set by the Australian Standard (AS 5039-2008) for security screens. Read more about our testing in the Crimpact Zone.

What is the Australian Standard?
The Australian Standard simulates the effect of human impact against a security screen. The force of impact is measured in ‘Joules’. To pass, a screen must withstand five single impacts of 100 Joules each – the equivalent to a young child running into a door.

The average Australian male, weighing 86kg, can easily exert more than 100 Joules of force in a single impact. That’s why we designed Crimsafe to exceed the Australian Standards and out-perform competitor products to make it the strongest stainless steel security screen system on the market.

The Australian Standard (AS 5039-2008) also measures a security screen door’s ability to withstand the dynamic impact test, jemmy test, knife shear test, shear test, pull test and probe test.

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