Roller Shutters


Rollita™ Roller Shutters are the modern, effective and affordable way to give your home the lifestyle and comfort that you want, plus the security and privacy that you need. Imagine being cooler in summer and warmer in winter without the use of energy and year-round protection against intruders, noise, wind, debris and damaging UV rays. You can get all of this and more simply by installing Rollita™ Roller Shutters. Rollita™ Roller Shutters are tailor made to fit your windows right here in Australia. They are manufactured to the highest level of quality and standards and installed by expert technicians.



Rollita™ Roller Shutters also give you what most people want – privacy. Now, during the day and night, you can be assured that you have complete and total privacy in your home with Rollita™ Roller Shutters. By adjusting the distance between the slats, you can control the amount of light and ventilation you want, creating a pleasant, softly lit atmosphere. Annoying outside noises are considerably reduced with Rollita™ Roller Shutters and when your Rollita™ Roller Shutters are open, they are out of sight so you enjoy unrestricted views through your windows. With Rollita™ Roller Shutters you can have complete control over your own environment.

Tested Quality

The quality of the aluminium shutter is assured by the modern manufacturing equipment and by a meticulous 3 stage test.

Iron Clad Guarantee

Rollita™ Roller Shutters are manufactured
here in Australia.

Croci Australia Pty Ltd guarantee Rollita™ aluminium profiles for a full five years against failure and faulty manufacture and twelve months on parts.

Ready Inventory

By maintaining a warehouse for the manufacturing supplies, and one for the finished product, we are able to satisfy the requests, including the urgent ones, of an ever more demanding market.

Range Colors

14 Colours, standard for all profiles, will satisfy the most demanding client, as they range from the palest to the strongest hues. The colours have been carefully selected to harmonize with any application. Contrasting colours can be used on the slats as a stripe to achieve a highly aesthetic effect.

Easy to maintain

Rollita™ Roller Shutters are a system of interlocking aluminium slats, injected with polyurethane and coated in fade and abrasive resistant enamel. Their non-corrosive characteristics means that maintenance is virtually nil.

Protection from Intruders

Your home is your biggest asset, and today it needs constant protection. Rollita™ Roller Shutters are made from interlocking, architectural strength aluminium slats which resist penetration. The internal locking mechanism locks the shutter in position when down. Additional security by the way of a key locking system can be installed if required (optional extra). Outside, the slats are set deeply within the two side channels either side of the window, providing maximum strength and resilience. It is immediately obvious to any potential intruder that your home is locked and secure. To everyone else, the sleek and unobtrusive appearance of Rollita™ Roller Shutters blends in with the overall appearance of your home.

All weather protection

Winters can be very harsh – so can the summers. You can make your home a haven from the weather with Rollita™ Roller Shutters.

Summer heat can be prevented from penetrating a protected window by a considerable amount, because the shutter is on the outside, it stops heat and cold from penetrating, unlike drapes and blinds.

Winter heat losses are strongly eliminated with a protected window. The costs of cooling and heating your home will be dramatically reduced all year round. Damaging UV rays that continually attack your drapes, furnishings and carpet can be protected with Rollita™ Roller Shutters.

You’ll have no more damage and annoying intrusions from heavy rain, hail, high winds or flying debris. Rollita™ Roller Shutters even provide an effective barrier and protection from flying ash in times of bush fire. You can ignore the outside weather and get on with enjoying life, while you’re saving money, all with Rollita™ Roller Shutters.

Choice of profiles

Rollita™ Roller Shutters come in a number of strong and attractive profiles. You can choose the one that suits your application.

Fast installation

Rollita™ Roller Shutters are manufactured to the highest standards in Australia. They are tailor made at our factory to suit your individual needs and can be made to fit almost any door or window.

Upon choosing the colour and style that suits you, it is only a matter of days before expert technicians install your Rollita™ Roller Shutters to give you the most complete protection for your home and family.

Easy to operate

You have a choice of control mechanisms for your Rollita™ Roller Shutters. You can have electrically or manually operated – the choice is yours.

All shutters are operated from inside your home for convenience and security. The type of operation will depend on the size of the shutter, so ask your Rollita™ representative which best suits your home.

Protection from Bushfires

In the opinion of CSIRO Appraisals, the AR6 and AR17 extruded Rollita™ Roller Shutters are suitable for the protection of windows from radiant heat of bushfires as both roller shutters specimens achieved a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of A40. The AR6 and AR17 extruded roller shutters satisfy the criteria set out by the Australian Test Standard, AS 1530.8.1-2007: Tests on elements of construction for buildings exposed to simulated bushfire attack – Radiant heat and small flaming sources.