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Patio and Outdoor Enclosures using Crimsafe

Australians love spending time outdoors and for many of us, an outdoor entertaining area is a must.

Home owners and builders are using Crimsafe to protect patios, courtyards, rooftop entertaining areas, pools and balconies, making the most of outdoor living space.

Crimsafe outdoor screen enclosures can reach from floor to ceiling and can be curved or bent to form roofs and corners to completely enclose your space – meaning all doors and windows overlooking the area are protected.

Crimsafe screens can also be used for infill panels in balustrading, securing balcony areas and providing protection from falls, and around pool areas as an alternative to traditional pool fencing.

Crimsafe’s Tensile-Tuff® mesh reduces solar heat and filters UV rays, making outdoor areas more comfortable in summer. Bar and grille free, you’ll enjoy unhindered views and natural breezes, knowing your family is completely secure.

Lifestyle benefits

  • Super strong security keeps out intruders
  • Allows airflow and through-breezes
  • Blocks UV rays and helps keep your outdoor area cooler in summer
  • A strong barrier to prevent falls from heights, for instance on a balcony or rooftop area
  • Clear visibility for unhindered views and a feeling of open space
  • Crimsafe can be used to completely enclose a patio or courtyard, including a roof – so that all of your doors and windows leading to the outdoor area are secure from intruders.
Product features and benefits

When you choose Crimsafe security screens for your patio or outdoor area, you can be assured of a custom-build that is designed to work within the building’s structure.

Super strong security

Crimsafe has been independently tested and is the strongest security screen available in the market.

The University of Queensland conducted extensive research, testing a wide range of security screens for their ability to withstand impact, simulating the force someone could apply in an attempted break-in.

Crimsafe security screens exceeded industry standards and far outperformed the competition. Read more about UQ’s Independent Test Results.

Insect protection

In Australia, we love our outdoor lifestyle, but bugs and insects can really spoil the party. Crimsafe security screens keep out all the unwanted intruders, even the smallest ones!

Airflow and through-breezes

One of the greatest benefits of Crimsafe is the ability to enjoy a breeze and fresh air, without compromising your security.

Crimsafe allows you to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, making the most of natural light and fresh air, with the comfort of knowing you and your family are safe from unwanted intruders.

Stay cooler in summer

Crimsafe’s Tensile-Tuff stainless steel mesh blocks up to 53% of solar heat gain and 62% of UV rays, helping to keep your outdoor area significantly cooler in summer.

Protection from the elements

Australia experiences harsh weather conditions that can batter our homes and cause damage. Crimsafe screens protect your home from more than just intruders:

  • Heat protection – blocks up to 53% of solar heat gain through glass windows and doors
  • UV protection – blocks up to 62% of UV rays, helping to reduce heat and prevent fading of soft furnishings
  • Hail stones and flying debris – acts as a barrier for hail and other wind-borne debris, to protect glass windows and doors from breaking
  • Fire protection – blocks 59% of radiant flames and heat, slowing down the spread of fire
  • Cyclone protection – for buildings in high-risk cyclone areas, Crimsafe has a specially designed Cyclone Protection Screen rated for regions C and D

Unhindered views and a feeling of open space

It’s important to feel safe, but no-one wants to feel closed in behind heavy bars and grilles.

Crimsafe security screens are so strong they don’t need unsightly bars or grilles – so you maintain a feeling of open space and unhindered views.

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