Security Doors: Choosing Between Hinged and Sliding Doors

The entrance to your home is one of the most important part of your property. It is the one element that you and your guests see first upon entry. You can set the tone and ambience of the entire house
with the right entrance. Many homeowners even go a step further and invest in their property’s kerb

The entrance is also an important security feature. According to studies compiled by the Australian
Bureau of Statistics, 20.3% of Australian homes have been victims of burglary at one point or
another. In a large majority of these cases, burglars were able to enter the property in less than 5

Investing in security is no longer an option; it is a necessity. Good security is essential for protecting your family and your belongings.

One of the best investments you can make if you want to improve the security of your property is in
security doors. Security doors are a great home improvement and are certainly among the options
to consider whether you are building a new property or renovating an existing one. There are plenty
of security doors to choose from too.

Before you can dig deeper into designs, textures, colours, and the finish of the security doors, you
have to first select the type of security door that suits your property best. There are two main
options to consider: hinged security doors and sliding security doors. To help you make this decision,
we are going to review both in this article.

Sliding Security Doors: Maximum Convenience

The first option we are going to look into is the sliding security door. As the name suggests, security
doors are installed for maximum convenience. The rails are compact and easy to install, and they
now come in different colours and finishes. Sliding security doors also work with a wide range of
properties, including modern homes and commercial buildings. This type of security door offers a
number of advantages:

Ease of Access

Sliding security doors can be opened in full for easier access. Rather than taking up space to swing
the doors open, sliding security doors only need space the size of its length. The low-profile nature
of sliding doors means you can open the doors fully and have unrestricted access when needed.
The doors can also be opened from any side without restricting movement. More importantly, they
allow for the space around the doors to be utilised. That actually brings us to our next advantage,
which is space saving.


Modern sliding security doors are no longer thick and bulky. While you can still get reinforced sliding
doors for added security, the majority of the options are designed to be low-profile and space-
saving. Of course, as mentioned before, you can use the space around the doors without restriction.

Improved Airflow

Since sliding doors can be opened fully, they also work well for improving the airflow of the house.
You don’t have to prop the doors open or worry about the wind blowing the doors shut when they
are opened, because they sit on a guided rail.

You can also get sliding security doors with a locking mechanism. A strong magnet placed on the end
of the rail, or on the doors themselves, will keep the door from closing unintentionally.

Design and Style Options

Being the more compact and minimalist of the two, sliding doors work really well when used in
modern properties. There are plenty of design and style options to choose from. You also have the
option to match the colour of your sliding doors with the colour of your property.

Hinged Security Doors: A Classic Approach

Hinged security doors also offer a long list of benefits through a more classic approach. They are
often considered as the better option of the two for houses that incorporate a more Victorian or
mid-century style, but can work well in modern properties too.

Some hinged security doors also come with reinforced parts for better security. Some of the
advantages you can expect when you decide to use hinged security doors are equally interesting.

Classic Appearance

Hinged security doors have that intimidating look to them; the style of the door on its own is a great
deterrent for burglars. Many homeowners opt for hinged security doors for this very reason. The
reinforced frames, thicker construction, and the door mounts show just how difficult it will be to
break into the house.

Size Advantage

Since hinged doors don’t need rails to work, they are also more flexible in terms of design and size.
You don’t always have to settle for a two-door setup for your house, as long as there is enough room
for the single door to swing open.

In some cases, hinged security doors can be adjusted to the custom layout of your original doors.
They maintain maximum functionality and ease of access without sacrificing the security features
that come with using this type of security door.

Classic Styling

As mentioned above, hinged security doors are the way to go if you have a Victorian or classic
property. The doors available today also incorporate ornamental touches and come with more finishing options. The classic style is not only beneficial visually, but also offers better structural rigidity in general.

Choosing Between the Two

Choosing between the two types of security doors can be tricky. The most suitable option for you
depends on several factors, including the style of your house, the space you have available, and the
kind of final look you want. Regardless of the type of security doors you choose to use, you will still
benefit from the added security offered by these doors.

So, which type of security doors do you think will work best for you? Are you more interested in
sliding doors with their modern look, or hinged doors and a vast selection of styles and finishing

Share your thoughts in the comments section below or get in touch to get your security
door questions answered!

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