Crimsafe Security Windows

Crimsafe security window screens provide the best in home security while still allowing airflow through the house during the hot Queensland summer months. The incredibly tough screens protect your home against attack without restricting your window views.

The custom-built, professionally installed window panels can be face-fitted, reveal-fitted in angled frames, or fixed within flyscreen tracks. All Crimsafe windows are built with the combination of 304 Tensile-Tuff ® Security Mesh and screw clamped with tamper resistant screws to provide you with the peace of mind that your home is protected against an attack.

Crimsafe products don’t just pass Australian and Industry Standards for security, they exceed them.

Not only do Crimsafe screens allow airflow while keeping the bugs out, they improve the energy rating of glass windows, giving your home the ability to keep cooler in summer and gain a higher home energy star rating. In fact, they can reduce your home’s solar heat gain by up to 53%, saving you on airconditioning and energy bills.

There are a range of standard colours and window frames in stock with others available on request, so whatever system you choose matches your home. Crimsafe fixed window panels can be installed as sliding windows, double hung windows, louvres and lap louvres.

Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape Windows

Crimsafe also offer the Safe-S-Cape, which works as a keyless emergency escape during a fire or other emergency. The Safe-S-Cape is available in fou different types:

  • Single Sliding & Servery Safe-S-Cape – suitable for fixed and sliding window panel combinations as well as servery windows
  • Double or Triple-Sliding Safe-S-Cape – suitable for double or multi-casement or multi-sliding windows.
  • Hinged Safe-S-Cape – suitable for most window types, the hinged type swings out from your house.
  • Inswing Safe-S-Cape – suitable for most types of windows, and swings inwards.

Crimsafe Security Window Features

  • Crimsafe security windows are custom built off-site to measurement, ensuring quick and easy installation that fits the design and format of your windows
  • Slimline design of small window frame sections still boast the strength of door frames. At 11mm thick and 35mm wide Crimsafe provides heavy duty protection without the heavy duty look
  • Crimsafe clamps 304 Tensile-Tuff ® Security Mesh between 2 serrated pieces of metal with screws driven right through both mesh and frame, ensuring a vice-like grip to defend against burglar attack
  • Crimsafe’s tamper resistant screws can only be installed or removed with a tool registered by Crimsafe
  • Crimsafe screens are WERS Rated. They improve the energy rating of your glass windows, reduce your solar heat gain by up to 53%, so you spend less on energy bills and your home can gain a higher home energy star rating
  • Exceeds the relevant Australian and Industry Standards for security
  • Crimsafe products come with a 10 year guarantee against defects in materials under the conditions of normal use from date of installation

Cullens Blinds are Authorised licensed Crimsafe resellers, and have installed a wide range of Crimsafe security screens on doors and windows throughout the Gold Coast.

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