Crimsafe Security Doors

If you’re after the best in security doors for your home and family, you can’t go past the durability and reputation of Crimsafe.

Crimsafe Doors don’t just pass Australian Industry Standards for security, they exceed them. With TensileTuff® mesh held in place in a vice-like grip with Crimsafe’s unique Screw Clamp technology, your doors will stand with tremendous strength against attack. Our experienced installers ensure your doors are correctly fitted to provide the best defence against potential break-ins.

Having the best in home security doesn’t mean your home has to look like a prison though. Crimsafe security screens come in a range of styles and colours. Choose from colonial designs, cast panels and doors, and even natural wood look finish. We can custom design your doors to compliment the overall look of your home.

The strong security mesh keeps out mosquitos and burglars alike, while still letting in cool summer breezes and offering unhindered views.

Providing quality protection and a look to suit your home, Crimsafe doors are the best in security and style. Learn more about the superior technology that has given Crimsafe a nationally recognised reputation as the best in security screens.

Crimsafe Security Door Features

  • All hinged and sliding doors come with standard 3-point locking for added security
  • 3 point hinging gives doors greater strength against forced entry
  • Doors can be cut to suit any opening without loss of strength. Custom built and fitted doors, along with cast panel inserts ensure the product perfectly fits every installation
  • Mid-rail standard option boosts the door’s strength and anti-jemmy properties, and can be positioned to match the features of your home
  • 304 Tensile-Tuff ® security mesh is clamped between 2 serated pieces of metal to provide tough Screw-Clamp Security
  • Tamper resistant screws can only be applied or removed by a tool registered with Crimsafe
  • Crimsafe screens are WERS Rated as they improve the energy rating of your glass doors, giving your home a higher home energy star rating
  • Solar heat gain is reduced by up to 53% with Crimsafe installations
  • Crimsafe passes and exceeds the relevant Australian and Industry Standards for security
  • Crimsafe warrants the product from defects in materials under normal use conditions for up to 10 years from the date of installation

Cullens Blinds are Authorised licensed Crimsafe resellers, and have installed a wide range of Crimsafe security screens on doors and windows throughout the Gold Coast.

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Different types of doors explained

We can provide security screens to suit every type and size of door.

Crimsafe security screen doors are custom-made-to-measure, and with a flexible range of installation systems, Crimsafe doors can be fitted to small or very wide openings, without compromising strength.

Single hinged screen doors – for main entry, single doors
Single, double or triple sliding screen doors – for small or large openings
French screen doors – for French doors or double entry doors
Bi-fold and stacking screen doors – for very wide openings

Hinged doors
Crimsafe hinged screen doors secure the main entry points of your home, keeping your family safe inside – and keeping unwanted visitors out!

Crimsafe allows light and air to flow naturally through your home, while still giving you comfort that you have a strong barrier between you and any uninvited guests that may knock on your door.

Sliding doors
Crimsafe’s single, double or triple sliding security screens can secure even the widest openings.

Crimsafe’s exceptional strength makes bars and grilles unnecessary – increasing airflow, protecting your views and creating a sense of open space in your home.

French doors
French doors look beautiful, but they can be an easy access point for criminals. Crimsafe’s double French door security screens have been designed to secure your doors, without detracting from their visual appeal.

Crimsafe French security doors have locking mechanisms at top and bottom for exceptional strength, and can open inward or outward, depending on the configuration of your home.

Bi-fold doors
Crimsafe bi-fold security screen doors provide a multi-panel hinged door that can secure extremely wide openings.

Crimsafe bi-fold doors can open up an entire wall of your home, and can be hinged so they fold to the inside or outside. They can be installed for existing glazed bi-fold doors, or as a stand-alone security screen solution.

Stacking doors
Crimsafe stacking door security screens allow you to open up your room to create a large living space, bathed in natural light.

Each Crimsafe security screen panel glides behind and interlocks with the next one, finally sliding behind a fixed panel for maximum security and a stylish, streamlined look. They can be stacked neatly and effortlessly to either the left or right for optimum convenience.

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