How to Prevent Your Outdoor Noise from Disturbing Your Neighbours

Nobody likes noisy neighbours, so it makes sense to not become one yourself. There was a time when people had so much land to themselves that those late-night parties did not matter because the sound would not carry far enough to cause problems for your neighbours, but now that more and more people in Australia are starting to live in apartments and housing communities that are packed close together, outdoor noise is a problem. The good news is that there are ways for us to control both our own outdoor noise and that created by the others, with the help of the following effective and aesthetic sound absorbing solutions.

Timber Deck

Do you know why timber decking is so effective at reducing outdoor acoustic problems? Well, it’s because, by default, porous and flexible surfaces such as foam and timber are great at absorbing and scattering sound waves. Just add a timber deck with some wooden chairs and a table on top of it to keep the travelling noise from your outdoor parties to a minimum.

Timber Decking Tiles

If you want to take advantage of the soundproofing which a wooden deck provides but would rather not have an actual deck attached to your house, timber decking tiles are the perfect alternative. In addition to reducing your outdoor noise, the wooden pavers are a beautiful way to hide your old and discoloured outdoor flooring. You will have a lot of options as far as the finishing is concerned and best of all, you can just remove them from the floor and take them with you when you decide to move.

Timber Battens

Use timber battens in combination with shade sail material to amplify the sound absorption power in your covered alfresco area, if you have one. Alternately, timber battens can be used as privacy screens, to cover up garden bed walls or simply for decorating and soundproofing the ceiling of your balcony. The exterior walls can also receive an aesthetic boost with some timber battens and further reinforce the soundproofing in the area.

Aluminium Shutters 

These are always a great idea because, in addition to reducing noise, aluminium shutters can make a home much greener and more comfortable due to the insulating properties that they bring to a house. Aluminium shutters are particularly useful during the hotter months of the year, as the wall-set louvres keep your interiors cool. Aluminium Shutters are a highly durable and low-maintenance solution to providing optimum security for your home or office. The strength of aluminium means that these shutters will last a lifetime.


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External Louvres

What happens when you use louvres to mark the boundaries of your property? You get a lot of shade, excellent soundproofing, and do not lose out on the sunlight when you want it. It’s still a relatively new concept, but more Australian homes are now starting to adopt external louvres.

Soundproof Fencing

If you don’t want the noise from your garden party to wake up your neighbours at night, you need to install acoustic fences. A combination of composite fibre cement and EPS sandwich panels are a sure shot way to keep your outdoor noise to a minimum, whether you are trying to prevent the noise from getting in or out. They come in a range of different colours and designs, so you won’t be limited in terms of options either. In fact, there are acoustic feature panels that can be mounted right on top of an already existing wall surface to both add aesthetic value and much-needed soundproofing.

Artificial Grass Turf

In case you want a lush green covering for your external floors, go for artificial grass turf because its low maintenance, easily removable, waterproof and, most importantly, it offers a good deal of soundproofing as well. A little-added benefit is that you can even lie down or sit on artificial grass because it is so soft and cushiony.

Outdoor Rugs

Just like the carpet helps to absorb noise inside the house, synthetic outdoor rugs help to absorb outside noise. However, the synthetic nature of the synthetic material keeps your outdoor rugs from becoming as efficient in sound absorption as indoor carpets made from jute, wool, silk, etc.

Awnings Made Out of Fabric

Fabric is great at absorbing sound waves and natural fabrics like wool and cotton are the best for that purpose, but using a fully natural fabric for an outside awning may not be the best idea since they will rot in damp weather quite easily. Synthetic materials will do the job of both lasting and absorbing some sound at least. The same goes for outdoor umbrellas; get some outdoor umbrellas made out of synthetic fabric to both provide shade and soundproofing while you host a party outdoors.

Soft Furnishings and Outside Curtains

You already have fabric covering the top of your outside party area, now it’s time to add some soft furnishings and a few outside curtains to make the place look even more inviting and posh. The fact that those drapes, hammocks, pillows, sofas, and even the table runners are also helping to reduce the impact of the noise that you and your guests are making is an added advantage.

The Untamed Garden

Finally, last on the list, we have the overgrown garden, and while it might be the first time you are hearing this, overgrown gardens do dampen outside noise quite significantly. However, it doesn’t mean that you should let your garden grow out of control because that would pose a whole new set of problems! All that is required is to let the grass grow a little taller while allowing the trees to branch out a bit more than usual. That’s right, don’t be too quick to mow the lawn and prune your shrubs!

Overgrown vegetation will provide you with shade, privacy, and a good deal of soundproofing as well.
These quick and easy pointers will help you to ensure your neighbours are less irritated by your outdoor parties while making your exteriors look awesome in the process. Just to be safe, invite your neighbours as well and let them know beforehand that there will be a party at your place.

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