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Home Improvement

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminium and Timber Shutters

February 13, 2021
Australia enjoys a lot of sunshine each year. In fact, it is, on average, twice as sunny in Brisbane as it is in London. That’s a lot of sunshine, which can make a home feel pretty hot at times. For this reason, shutters have become a staple feature of the Australian home. Not all homes have...
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Unrivalled protection with Crimsafe iQ

September 26, 2020
Crimsafe iQ delivers unrivalled protection secured by Australia’s strongest, smartest, most technologically advanced mesh security screen door. As Australia’s strongest, smartest, most technologically advanced mesh security screen door, Crimsafe iQ delivers unrivalled protection for your family, home or business. Years of research and development has culminated in a security screen door that...
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How to Keep Your Family & Home Safe with a Crimsafe Security Screens

April 14, 2020
Security screens are an increasingly common addition to Australian homes, but with so many different manufacturers and products to choose from, it can be hard to select a product that meets your specifications and budget. Cullens Blind’s & Crimsafe are the industry leaders in high-quality residential & commercial security screens. All Crimsafe products are built to...
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Security Doors: Choosing Between Hinged and Sliding Doors

February 15, 2019
The entrance to your home is one of the most important part of your property. It is the one element that you and your guests see first upon entry. You can set the tone and ambience of the entire house with the right entrance. Many homeowners even go a step further and invest in their property’s...
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Best of the Week: 29 Coastal-Home Style Crushes

December 30, 2018
Wicker, cane, blonde wood, tropical patterns, and blue and white stripes; some elements sing out as being beside the sea   Best of the Week: 29 Coastal-Home Style...
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Home Improvements That Are Not Suitable to Take on as a DIY Project

Cullens Blinds diy tips
October 28, 2018
DIY is on the rise with homeowners trying their hand at fixing, replacing and installing new things in their home. If you have attempted a DIY project or two that didn’t go quite to plan, you were probably left pulling your hair out when you realised it was too much for one (inexperienced) person to handle. Sometimes you...
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How to Make Your Rental Property More Appealing

September 28, 2018
For everyone who chooses to rent out their property, whether it be a house or an investment property, the competition is tough, but the goal is the same – to find a good tenant as quickly as possible. Good tenants who pay on time and look after your property are hard to come by. It...
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How to Prevent Your Outdoor Noise from Disturbing Your Neighbours

May 22, 2018
Nobody likes noisy neighbours, so it makes sense to not become one yourself. There was a time when people had so much land to themselves that those late-night parties did not matter because the sound would not carry far enough to cause problems for your neighbours, but now that more and more people in Australia are starting to...
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A Guide to Understanding the Role of an Architect

March 14, 2018
The role of an architect is extremely varied and largely depends on the client an architect is working with. When it comes to hiring an architect to re-design your home, how much they cost, and the benefits associated with hiring an architect, are not the same as if you were hiring an architect to landscape a garden. There...
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