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Awnings are attached to the exterior of buildings, functioning as a superior protection from the sun and inclement weather. Typically attached above a window, door, or patio, awnings are able to detract the sun’s direct rays, reduce glaring. Depending on their primary function, awnings are composed in both fabric and aluminum.

When should I use Awnings?

Awnings are used to add architectural character to a building or home, as well as carry a highly functional purpose. Available in a number of materials and designs, awnings allow for an array of individualised design possibilities. Our collection of awnings include:

Aluminium Awnings

Aluminium is one of the most versatile and durable materials for building and construction, and is incredibly durable against corrosion and weathering. It also requires little maintenance. We offer two types of aluminium’s awnings:

  • Fixed Hood Awnings – constructed from tightly interlocked panels and concealed joins, Fixed Hood Awnings can be made to any width. They can also be fitted to turn corners and offer optional posts or arms for increased support.
  • Louvre Awnings – available in either a fixed or adjustable functionality, Louvre Awnings provide excellent protection from the elements. The adjustable Awning comes with a handle that opens and closes the panels to control airflow and light exposure, whereas the Fixed Louvre Awning is installed with either an open or closed design.

Fabric Awnings

Fabric Awnings not only add elegance and character to a building, but they will also help you save on summer cooling costs by reducing solar gain and the internal temperature of a building. They also help protect carpets and other interior furnishings from fading. Our range of fabric awnings comes in a number of styles, from a number of manufacturers.

  • Rope & Pulley – Fixed at the top by aluminium sail track, this drop blind can be manually rolled up and down using the rope and pulley. Zips can also be added to these blinds to stop any movement down the sides.
  • Automatic Roll Up – A robust awning that can be pulled up & down manually to stop at any given point, this awning retracts back up into a weather box, available in standard powder coat colours.
  • Internal Control Awning – This awning is ideally suited for second floor windows where operation of the awning can be driven from inside your home.
  • Extendable Awnings (Patio Awnings) – Extend your outdoor living area. This awning can be extended or retracted by either a manual crank drive, or motorized – either way the awning can be fully extended or only partially extended.
  • Channel Blind – A robust blind that will suit any style of house, the channels and brackets are powder coated any standard colour to suit your decor and give a sleek minimal effect. Operated manually by twisting rail into a locked position. This blind can be stopped in any position of the drop.