Sliding Privacy Panels

As the name implies, these blinds are made in large panels which move or ‘glide’ individually. A series of overlapping fabric panels are attached to an aluminium track, allowing them to glide along the track to the desired position. This allows you to only block portions of the window/doorway, or to slide them completely away so the view is unobscured. This type of blind is ideal for sliding doors or windows.

When should I use Panel Glides?

Panel Glides are perfect for blocking out large windows/door openings in a modern style, while still retaining the ability to slide all the panels neatly to the side when they aren’t needed, without having dangling cords, cables.

Another popular use for Panel Glides is to use them as room dividers, allowing you to add more privacy or create extra space on a whim, without the need for any expensive renovations. As one of the more modern styles of blinds, Panel Glides offer a unique style of decor that isn’t found in many homes or offices.

Panel Glides are available in a large variety sizes, colours and materials to suit any home or office environment, such as:

  • Blockout fabric
  • Translucent fabric
  • Sunscreen fabric

As with all of our blinds, they are manufactured locally on the Gold Coast in our own factory. Visit our showroom on the Gold Coast to see these sliding panels in action.

We can also add aluminium battens to your blinds as an extra.