How to Upgrade Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

Kerb appeal is more important than many people realise. It is what sets apart your home from a neighbour’s property. You may not care all that much what people think of your home, but if you have any plans to sell up in the next six months, improving your home’s kerb appeal could help you achieve top dollar.

Essential Home Fixes

Home maintenance is a real chore, but it is a seriously bad idea to neglect maintenance tasks. Weather and time all play a part in breaking down the external fabric of a home.

Darwin is Australia’s wettest capital, thanks to a six-month rainy season, but months of drought can also play a part in causing damage to a home. South-eastern Australia is extremely dry, but when rainfall does come, it can often be extreme. The cost of damage to property caused by flooding between 1852 and 2011 was around $4.76 billion dollars. In 2016, southern Australia was hit by the worst storms in more than 50 years.

Heavy rain and flash flooding can wreck a home in minutes if it isn’t well-maintained. For this reason, it pays to fix windows, make roof repairs, and clear gutters before bad weather hits. This type of fix also serves to boost your home’s kerb appeal since passersby won’t start mentally adding up the amount of money it will cost them to sort out problem areas if they choose to buy the property.

If fixes are not enough to sort out serious problems, replace instead. A new front door, new windows, or a new garage door could be all that your home needs to attract buyers. Any investment you make should easily be recouped in the enhanced sale price you are able to achieve.

Tidy Up the Front Garden

Once you have addressed essential maintenance issues, it is time to look at other areas of the property. The front garden, if you have one, is a good place to begin.

An untidy or unkempt front garden is seriously off-putting. Nobody wants to see parched grass, foot-high weeds, or abandoned pieces of junk. It won’t cost much to clear the weeds, tidy up the area, and plant some pretty flowers and shrubs. If you live in a hot, dry part of Australia, look for plants that are drought resistant or install an irrigation system to keep your garden well-watered.

Plant tubs and baskets for instant kerb appeal, or if you have buyers coming around to view.

Consider how your garden looks to passersby. Is the garden gate hanging off its hinges or is your front door in need of a lick of paint? First impressions count, so paint the front door or hang a new gate. You want your home to feel welcoming, which won’t happen unless you spruce up the entrance area.

Add a Perimeter Fence

A perimeter fence is a useful way of adding kerb appeal. A fence helps to delineate the boundary of your property, which is helpful if your property and those of your neighbours are on large, sprawling plots.

A white picket fence is a bit twee, but a smart mesh fence or low timber fence painted an attractive colour could help your property stand out from the crowd. Select a fence that is in keeping with the façade of your property and make sure it is professionally installed.

Pimp Your Patio

Do you have a patio? If so, now is a good time to think about boosting its kerb appeal.

A covered patio is a popular feature in many Australian homes. Some patios are built at the rear of a property, but if you have a wraparound patio at the front and sides of your home, it pays to spend some time and money making it look more attractive.

Carry out essential maintenance works and repair or replace any damaged sections of the roof or sidings. Add potted plants such as palms and ferns to fill in awkward corners and add visual interest. Create an appealing and decorative seating area with new patio furniture and a table. You want people to imagine how much fun they would have spending time relaxing in there.

When you sell a home, you are not just marketing four walls and a roof – you are selling a lifestyle. The more appealing you make this lifestyle, the easier it will be to find a buyer for the property.

Add an Awning

Awnings, like patios, are a popular fixture in Australian homes. An awning offers protection from the weather. Fit an awning above a door or French windows to keep the sun and rain out. They look great and can add value to a home.

What you need to remember, however, is that an old, worn out awning often has the opposite effect. Instead of boosting your home’s kerb appeal, an old, shabby awning will devalue a home. For this reason, if your old awning has seen better days, it is sensible to replace it with a new one. 

Fabric or aluminium awnings add value and are an elegant fixture. Fix new awnings to your windows, above doors, or over patios. Personalise the design by selecting materials and colours that fit your home’s aesthetics.

Build a Porch

Building a porch at the entrance to your property will add character and create an attractive focal point to your home. A small timber porch won’t be too expensive to construct and could even be a DIY weekend project if you are handy in that department. Decorate your porch with an exterior light and some hanging baskets. It’s a great place for potential buyers to shelter from the rain while they wait for you to answer the door.

If your porch is large enough, add a couple of chairs and create a welcoming vibe for visitors. Get it right and they won’t want to leave!

Add Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is important, both from a security perspective and as a quick and easy way to add style to a home after dark. LED security lights should be fitted by a qualified electrician, but you can fit solar-powered lighting yourself. Pick up some post lights or solar string lights to illuminate pathways, trees, shrubs and porches. Lighting is also essential if you have any water features – the right lights can really enhance an outdoor pool at night.

A Touch of Character

It is a good idea to personalise your home, as this will help it stand out on a street of identical, generic properties. A quirky letter box or name plaque are inexpensive, yet cute. A window box of fragrant herbs and flowers could be all your property needs to capture a second glance.

Take your time when thinking of ways to boost kerb appeal. Drive past your home and look at it with fresh eyes. Which features stand out and what bits need some improvement? Make a list of tasks and see how many you can squeeze in based on your current budget. Start with essential maintenance jobs and work your way down the list. Remember that to make money you often have to spend money, but, ultimately, every little helps when selling a home.

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