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How to Keep Your Family & Home Safe with a Crimsafe Security Screens

Security screens are an increasingly common addition to Australian homes, but with so many different manufacturers and products to choose from, it can be hard to select a product that meets your specifications and budget.

Cullens Blind’s & Crimsafe are the industry leaders in high-quality residential & commercial security screens. All Crimsafe products are built to withstand any challenge, so when you install a Crimsafe product in your home or business, you know you have made the right choice.

Here’s how Crimsafe security screens can keep your home safe – and why you need a security screen in the first place!

Security Matters

Burglaries are one of the most commonly reported crimes in Australia. Property crime rates are falling, but it is still a serious problem, especially in rural areas where there are fewer witnesses.

Increased security measures have undoubtedly played a part in the declining property crime rates, but you can’t afford to relax if you don’t have adequate security screens in place. Most property crime is opportunistic, so if a burglar spots an open or unsecured window, he will probably take advantage.

Financial loss resulting from a burglary is difficult to quantify accurately, and it isn’t always about loss of material goods. The fear and anxiety that follows a burglary is not something you can fix with an insurance payout.

A security screen won’t guarantee your home’s safety, but it could help deter most criminals from trying to gain entry. A well-fitted, strong security screen is a good deterrent against opportunist thieves and it will give you peace of mind when you are not at home.

Security screens also have a number of other benefits, not least the fact that they keep insects out and prevent children and pets from climbing out of open windows. Let’s take a look at how Crimsafe can protect your home and family.

Strong and Resilient

Extra security is the main reason why most people fit security screens. Security screens need to be strong but lightweight, which represents a challenge. Crimsafe security screens are a unique patented design that successfully combines strength with a low-profile.

A Crimsafe screen is fixed to the door frame using a patented Screw Clamp™ method. High-tensile steel screws are used to clamp the screen to the doorframe, so it is impossible to lever it away to gain access. Crimsafe screens are manufactured from structural grade steel, so they are extra strong but still lightweight for everyday use. High tensile steel is impact resistant and resilient. Unless your burglar comes equipped with an angle grinder, he isn’t going to gain access very easily. These screens are the strongest on the market today and are designed to withstand any type of assault.

An intruder won’t have any luck using their body weight to force the screen door open, even if they are built like the Incredible Hulk. Unlike a conventional screen door, a Crimsafe screen door isn’t going to fall over when rammed with a heavy object or levered using a crowbar. Crimsafe screens have been extensively tested to ensure they can withstand anything. The patented Screw Clamp™ design has proven its strength and resilience, in the testing laboratory and out in the field. Crimsafe screen doors are fitted with a mid-rail as standard, which helps to reinforce the frame and prevent the lock from being breached.

An aspiring burglar is also going to have a hard time trying to cut open the screen panel using a cutting tool. Crimsafe uses high-tensile steel, so it is impervious to sharp tools and cutting implements. It’s also damage resistant. Most security screens only use 0.8mm steel mesh for their screens, but Crimsafe uses 0.9mm woven mesh. They are 26.5% thicker than a standard security screen, but they don’t look any thicker, so you won’t ever feel as if you are living in a high-security compound. In fact, Crimsafe screens are so low profile, you won’t even notice they are there!

Good Looking

Looks matter, especially in a home. Nobody wants to feel as if they are living in Fort Knox. Crimsafe screens are not just secure; they also look good when fitted over doors and windows. The last thing any homeowner wants are unsightly security screens obstructing their view and spoiling the façade of their home.

Crimsafe security screens are the perfect combination of security and style. They don’t just provide excellent security – they also look good. All Crimsafe security screens are constructed from powder coated steel. A sleek black screen door won’t stand out. Instead, it will enhance the exterior of your property, and when you come to sell your home, stylish security screens will add value and make the property more attractive to prospective buyers.

Insect Repellent

Australia has a healthy population of insects, from giant huntsman spiders to blood-sucking mosquitoes, but with secure Crimsafe screens in place, you can keep all these critters out!

The great thing about Crimsafe security screens is that they don’t block airflow, but they do keep bugs out. Flies, mozzies, spiders and other unwelcome insects love to come inside when we open the windows to let some fresh air in. If you open your windows behind a Crimsafe security screen, the steel mesh will keep all insect intruders out. You can enjoy a nice cool breeze without being eaten alive by mosquitoes or terrified by a huge spider scuttling across your living room floor. 

UV Resistant

UV light causes a lot of damage to the exterior of our home, but Crimsafe security screens are UV-resistant and won’t fade in the harsh glare of the Australian sun. Whether you live in wet Melbourne or in the Northern Territories, UV-light will not be a problem. Your security screens will continue to look as good as the day they were installed.

Easy to Clean and Corrosion Resistant

Crimsafe screens are also easy to clean, which is a bonus. Thanks to an anti-static coating, the powder-coated steel frame and mesh repels dust and is easy to wipe down. It is also resistant to corrosion, so if you live on the coast where saltwater corrosion is a problem, you don’t need to worry about unsightly rust patches forming on your screen doors and window screens. It is worth remembering that corrosion significantly impedes the integrity of metal security screens, but with a Crimsafe security screen, this is not something you have to worry about.

Increasing number of homeowners are choosing Crimsafe security screens to keep their home and family safe. The advantages of Crimsafe security screens are clear, so if you are looking for a security screen that combines form and function, look no further than Crimsafe. It’s the number one choice for 99.9% of Australian homeowners.

Install Crimsafe security screens on your doors and windows and you are guaranteed security, good looks, and airflow. Your new screens will be easy to take care off and won’t obstruct your fine views, so you can relax in your living room and enjoy a nice cool breeze, without worrying about nasty insects and intruders.

For the best in Crimsafe security door and screen installations on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Newcastle, contact Cullen’s Blinds today.

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