How to Make Your Rental Property More Appealing

Cullen Blinds Outdoor AwningsFor everyone who chooses to rent out their property, whether it be a house or an investment property, the competition is tough, but the goal is the same – to find a good tenant as quickly as possible.

Good tenants who pay on time and look after your property are hard to come by. It is important to make your property stand out for all the right reasons.

Thankfully, you can improve the appeal of your property and in turn, increase the price you charge for rent by taking on some simple tasks.

To begin with, you need to consider the type of person you are aiming to attract.

If you are looking for professional, young people, then think about decorating it with neutral colours, as this will give them a base to work from and if they choose to, they could then add their own stamp on the property.

Young professionals are also looking for convenience so think about the layout of your property. If your property is overcrowded with knick-knacks, this may put them off, so ensure you de-clutter before they arrive.

If you are aiming at renting to families, then think about what they may require. Families are usually looking for accommodation that offers storage areas, plenty of space, and clean floors.

Another group of people you may be aiming your property at are shift workers. If this is the case, then you need to consider sun blocking window furnishings that will allow them to sleep during the day. They may also be looking for privacy and security.

Security will be very important to them because they will be leaving their property empty at night, which is when most burglaries take place.

Ensure Your Appliances are Dazzling

To save yourself money in the long-term, think about completing any small repairs before your tenant moves in.

It is important to ensure that you check to see if all of your appliances work and have been cleaned. If this is not the case then think about cleaning, repairing or replacing the dirty or faulty items.

From washing machines to fridges, make sure they are all sparkling before your new tenants use them. New appliances may attract tenants to your property as they will not need to worry about them breaking down in the near future.

Change the Curtains and Blinds

If your property needs a facelift, think about changing your curtains and blinds. You should consider the type of tenant you are aiming at and cater for their needs. If your property is near a hospital or an airport than maybe you should consider blackout blinds as these are the perfect blinds for shift workers. These blinds are brilliant at keeping out any light from outside, making it easier for shift-workers to sleep during the day.  

If you are trying to attract young professionals to your trendy rental then consider Ziptrak blinds as these help to create a feeling of sanctuary and seclusion; just what young professionals need after a busy day. These outdoor blinds can be used in any weather conditions.

Unlike most other blinds, they are great on windy days as they will not rattle and break due to the way they are built. This will mean you will be saving money in the long term as you will not need to replace them.

You should consider wooden interior shutters if your property is in a beautiful seaside location, as these will suit the coastal theme. These amazing shutters help insulate the property, which will help to keep your tenants’ costs down. They are also very well built and are easy to maintain, which will save you money in the long term as they are less likely to break.  

There are many other types of blinds and shutters that could suit your rental property, including Sliding Privacy Panels. These amazing panels are usually made from fabric that overlaps an aluminium track. They then glide easily along the track, letting you block out as much of the windows or doors as you choose. If your property has a lot of glass or sliding doors, then these would be perfect for you and may attract tenants who like to block out the world and have a bit of privacy.

If you are looking for blinds that are quality made but at a cheaper price, then maybe you could consider roller blinds. These blinds have been around for a long time but are still extremely popular and they can be made to suit the style or design of your home. For example, they can be made in a variety of colours or in a choice of fabrics.

Other options would be vertical blinds or Venetian blinds. These blinds are very popular and require very little maintenance, making them the perfect addition to your rental property.

Choosing the right blinds for you and your property can be a difficult decision to make but, it is well worth spending that bit of extra time and getting it right. If your property has a patio area or a veranda then maybe you could add a bit of a wow factor by installing an awning. Awnings are brilliant as they can be used to reduce the amount of UV radiation when the sun is out, and they can also be used in inclement weather, meaning that your tenants are able to sit outside even when it’s raining. Many tenants will view this as a big plus and it may encourage them to rent the property.

External Aluminium ShuttersFor rentals in city centres or places with a high crime rate, maybe you should consider having some external aluminium shutters fitted to your property. These amazing shutters are an excellent deterrent to thieves and provide you and your tenants with the security you require. These shutters are built to last, so you will not need to worry about replacing them in the near future.

They may be the difference between a tenant renting your property or looking elsewhere at a property with no, or very little security in place.  

If your current blinds and shutters are still in good condition, then think about cleaning them to ensure they are free from dirt and mould.

Dirt and mould in the property may instantly put some tenants off. Make sure you wash any curtains that you are planning on keeping, to stop them smelling or looking dirty.

Ensure the Walls are Clean

A house with dirty walls will put potential tenants off, as they will view the house as unkempt. Make sure you clean away any marks that may be visible on the walls, the skirting boards, the doors or the ceilings.

It is also important to ensure that any cracks or holes in the walls are filled in. Some tenants worry when they notice cracks in the walls, so eliminating these before you put your property on the market will give it a better chance of being let quickly.

If you are wanting to let out your house in a hurry, then consider giving it a fresh lick of paint. This will make tenants see that you maintain your properties up to a high standard. Before you get out the tins of paint, think about the colour scheme you are going to follow.

A house painted completely in white can look very clinical and uninviting, so consider painting it in light neutral colours, as this will make your property look bigger. Neutral colours are brilliant at helping to sell and rent out houses, as they give tenants the base colour from which they can add their own ideas.

Update the Kitchen

It is a well-known fact that nice, modern bathrooms and kitchens sell homes. It is also well-known that a well-presented bathroom and kitchen can attract tenants.

Before you begin ripping out your kitchen, think about talking to your real estate agent. They will be able to advise you on whether they believe doing a couple of simple DIY jobs will be enough or if they think it would be a good idea to have a complete change.

Small DIY jobs could include changing the cupboard doors or handles and painting the walls. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you could consider changing your worktops.

A brand-new kitchen is always a big selling or renting point in a property, so if you only have enough money to improve one room, make sure you start with the kitchen.

Update the Bathroom

The bathroom is another important selling and renting point in a property. Bathrooms that are dirty and outdated can potentially put tenants off choosing your property.

In the bathroom, there are many ways in which you can add money to your property and make it more appealing to tenants.

Before you start ripping out your old bathroom suite, maybe you should think about starting with some of the small jobs like making sure all of the taps are in good working order and are not leaking. Changing the lights in the bathroom can also help.

These days, most people choose to have spotlights fitted in their bathrooms, so maybe you should consider investing in these.

Another cheap way to increase the appeal of your bathroom is by changing your shower head. Shower heads that are covered in dirt will put tenants off as they will think the property is unkempt.

The biggest turn-off in a bathroom is mould, so another thing you could consider would be to have all of the grout professionally removed and changed.

If your bathroom needs a complete overhaul, then think about who you are planning on renting it out to. If you are renting to a family, try and think of some clever ways to add storage to your bathroom, but if you are renting to a young professional, maybe you should consider spending a little bit more money on the suite and accessories and adding the wow factor.

Ensure Your Fixtures and Fitting are in Good Working Order

If there are any fixtures and fittings in your property that are not working, you need to think about repairing or replacing these before you put your home on the rental market.

If tenants notice that the fixtures and fittings are not working or need repairing, then they may think that there are other things around the property that need attention too.

This can put potential tenants off. You need to think about even the smallest of fittings, including light switches, letterboxes and door handles.

Ensure the Carpets Have Been Cleaned

One of the first things tenants notice is the state of the carpets. Carpets that are dirty can start to smell, which will put any potential tenant off. Most tenants expect their landlord to have the carpets professionally cleaned before they move in, so don’t ignore this.

For carpets that are beyond cleaning, you should consider replacing them. Carpets can make a house feel more like a home and are a good indicator to tenants of how much you as a landlord care about their property.

Maybe it would be a good idea to walk around your property as if you were a tenant viewing it for the first time. Think about the points you would look out for such as whether the property has any niggling problems that need to be fixed before you would consider living there?

It is also a good idea to research and learn about the type of people you are aiming to rent your property out to. Maybe you should consider talking to people about what they look out for when they view properties. This will give you an insight into what they think the most important things are and it will give you a starting point.

By doing all or some of the suggestions above, you will hopefully attract better tenants and boost your rental income in the long-term. Let us know how you get on!

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